I've got at least 4 hours of homework... Now THIS bullshit!!

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    Just casually checking in to see if there are some smartass 'UsE liNuX insTeAd' commenters here
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    @gathurian LOL! I clicked into the post for exactly that reason.
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    @gathurian Not just any linux distro but "Arch Linux"!
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    @gathurian I dual boot Windows 10 and Linux. One of those has never ever rebooted or updated without my express permission. Guess which one!

    Although if you want to avoid this particular problem without switching OSes, you can do some local group policy wizardry to disable automatic updates/reboots on Windows.
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    @EmberQuill I'm a borderline fanatic Linux fan as well, who tries to convert hid friends to Linux.
    But I'm sick of tired of people using 'Have you tried using Linux' as one-solution-fits-all for any Microsoft problems. (cant stand people using 'M$', 'Microshit' etc. )
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    I'm wondering, how do you get stuck on this screen? It's not like updates are applied instantly when available. Why didn't you start this update before going to sleep?
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    @irene Depends on your version as far as I know.
    I think Win10 Home doesnt give you the possibility. And considering that Home cant be joined to a domain, GPOs are not a possibility either.
    You usually get 30 days to apply Updates (so more than enough time), before Windows does it forcibly
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    @irene I did fix it. The thing is, on Linux I didn't have to.
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    This screen hits a lot of people when they boot up. Not me, of course, but PEOPLE.
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    Nowadays with all the Illuminati shit and global big brother I recommend Parrot distribution. With easy to use tools to get into the better side of the internet.
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    Use Lunix instead
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    Windoze, Winblowz
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