So I work in IT for the police. I just received an "unneeded" encrypted smartphone.

I had to reconfigure it, in order to give it to the next policeman. Unfortunately nobody knew the password and there is actually no way to reset this damn thing.Trust me, i did my research.

About 2 days later i receive an angry call by the policeman that should be using the phone by now.

Policemen: "Why is my phone not ready yet?"
Me: "it's encrypted and nobody has the password."
Policemen: "Well just ask the previous owner then!"
Me:"It's a little difficult..."
Policemen: "Why?!?"
Me: "He shot himself."

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    Nope, old Blackberry. Tried an old exploit, didn't work. Probably the firmware is still up to date.
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    Cursed phone 📌
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    @ihatecomputers That would indeed explain why the previous owner shot himself.
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    Wanna see how it ends, watch The Call 😱
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    @Alice Oh yes, the one by Takashi Miike 🙏
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    @Alice I'm married 😝
    Did you see Uzumaki? One of my other favorite jap horror flicks!
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    @krz1 "Just because there is a goalkeeper doesn't mean you can't score" :D

    Anyway, I'm going to watch your recommendations, so feel free to add some more!
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    Did you try "I am sherlocked" ?
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    @404username Did you try acquiring access to the e-mail to which the Blackberry account might've been associated with and attempt password reset to gain access to Blackberry account then see if you can gain access to encryption reset through that?
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    Fucking buy a new Phone, the guy shot himself for fuck sake
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    @Jilano You could try 'Exte' and Suicide Circle 👌
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    Hey at least it's secure.
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    @irene BlackBerries are actually extremely secure compared to other phones... many high ranked politicians used BlackBerry phones while they were still a thing.
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    They still are a thing they make specialised secure phones that are built on top of Android but heavily customised and with hardware security too.
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    @irene true dat, one lil rootkit and you're done
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    OP makes me think blackberries are too secure for police to crack, now questioning my knowledge of everything. 🤔
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    You’re absolutely sure you can’t wipe it through the serial headers?
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    Nothing special about this, iPhones are the same. If “Find my iPhone” is enabled, it's not possible for someone else to use the phone, even after factory reset.
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