So I work in IT for the police. I just received an "unneeded" encrypted smartphone.

I had to reconfigure it, in order to give it to the next policeman. Unfortunately nobody knew the password and there is actually no way to reset this damn thing.Trust me, i did my research.

About 2 days later i receive an angry call by the policeman that should be using the phone by now.

Policemen: "Why is my phone not ready yet?"
Me: "it's encrypted and nobody has the password."
Policemen: "Well just ask the previous owner then!"
Me:"It's a little difficult..."
Policemen: "Why?!?"
Me: "He shot himself."

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    Nope, old Blackberry. Tried an old exploit, didn't work. Probably the firmware is still up to date.
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    Cursed phone 📌
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    @ihatecomputers That would indeed explain why the previous owner shot himself.
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    Wanna see how it ends, watch The Call 😱
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    @Alice Oh yes, the one by Takashi Miike 🙏
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    @Alice I'm married 😝
    Did you see Uzumaki? One of my other favorite jap horror flicks!
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    @krz1 "Just because there is a goalkeeper doesn't mean you can't score" :D

    Anyway, I'm going to watch your recommendations, so feel free to add some more!
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    Did you try "I am sherlocked" ?
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    Fucking buy a new Phone, the guy shot himself for fuck sake
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    @Jilano You could try 'Exte' and Suicide Circle 👌
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    Hey at least it's secure.
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    @irene BlackBerries are actually extremely secure compared to other phones... many high ranked politicians used BlackBerry phones while they were still a thing.
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    They still are a thing they make specialised secure phones that are built on top of Android but heavily customised and with hardware security too.
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    @irene true dat, one lil rootkit and you're done
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    OP makes me think blackberries are too secure for police to crack, now questioning my knowledge of everything. 🤔
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    You’re absolutely sure you can’t wipe it through the serial headers?
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    Nothing special about this, iPhones are the same. If “Find my iPhone” is enabled, it's not possible for someone else to use the phone, even after factory reset.
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