Fooling Windows is easy and fun :p
My friend got logged out of windows and recovery option was saying to wipe the syatem. There was important data in the windows ( photos, videos , project ) so I thought of a simple solution.
Booted Linux in USB and live booted it on the system. Linux can read the files from window OS. Simply copied the data to hard drive.
Windows be like Am I a joke to you

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    Just because you don't use it doesnt mean that drive encryption isnt a thing.
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    @24th-Dragon Well I know that Drive encryption won't allow that but how many of people do use drive encryption. People rarely do that. Others don't even think or know about it.
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    @24th-Dragon In case if you don't use or know about open source drivers and softwares
    You can access encrypted partition under Linux using different open sources, Dislocker is one of them that is opensource driver which is using FUSE.
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    @X3nON You know that without drive encryption you can also access any file on a Linux file system?
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    I don't get the joke. 🙁 Why would Windows "be like Am I a joke to you"?
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    @X3nON what @sbiewald meant that without drive encryption, it doesn't really matter what OS you're running, you can get the data from any of them pretty easily.

    It's not "fooling" anything (including Windows), this is just a simple property of any non-encrypted system: it can be read by anyone. You could just as easily have read it from a different Windows machine by plugging in the drive.
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    But bashing Windows sounds cool
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    @RememberMe Hard drive isn't portable
    It's internal in the system. What I meant was that it was his windows installed internal hard drive and there was some problem with C drive ( in which windows was installed but not corrupted).
    And the other fooling thing is about the window can't do the same with linux.
    Linux file system can read the windows files but windows can't read the files from linux.
    Windows is NTFS and FAT file system supported but Linux has ext2, ext3 and ext4 file system and also has support for NTFS and FAT so that's why Linux can access windows files but windows in return can't do the same.
    And this is one of the method I discovered to recover data without even installing the Linux on system ( For the installation I had to format the drive with the data) so simply live booted it.
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    @samadds window bashing might be cool but in above situation the person I was helping didn't knew such thing like bashing or Linux os and he was logged out of windows so can't use bashing either way.
    Now speaking generally why was bashing introduced in windows because window itself can't perform things itself and needed help from
    Why do I criticize windows it's because it's never stable. Always giving some kind of errors or unstable updates and all that.
    The best reason I get is that I simply hate windows :p
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    @X3nON "bashing introduced in windows because window itself can't perform things itself and needed help" - thanks for the explanation.

    "And the other fooling thing is about the window can't do the same with linux."
    Wait. How is it Windows' fault that other operating systems implement their own file systems? Though you might try googling "Windows ext driver".
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    @VaderNT The thing is that Linux has support for FAT and NTFS without using any help of third party software. It comes build-in while talking about windows you just have to install different softwares to get started and you don't even know which one will work fine.
    And let's just stick to the post it just explains the situation of my friend's system and how I recovered the data.
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    @X3nON so windows bad cos they dont use some close source proprietary file systems that only Microsoft would know. Got it.
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    @24th-Dragon This is not the only reason I hate windows for. There are plenty of them just like cortana, Edge, Microsoft store, Broken upgrades, vulnerable to viruses (Linux is more secure in this case ), not an open source and so on...
    Personally I'm fan of Linux and open source community as they are always there to help.
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