Me: *sends email 45 minutes before a meeting*.

Boss: *20 mins into meeting*, any updates about the issues found yesterday?

Me: Yep I sent an email with an update on everything.

Boss: ok great, *shares screen*, *opens email*.

Ok want to walk us through it?

Me: ...... walk through my email?

Boss: Yeah we have everyone here in the meeting.

Me: ...... yeah I included all of them on the email.

Boss: Right, but it would be good to go through it for everyone’s benefit.

Me: *Reads email word for word, from the screen share*

I will now refer to him from this day forth as “The Time Vampire”.

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    If colleagues are as shitty as your boss it means they didn’t read it as well so it is just your time that’s wasted =D
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    "Hey, it's not nice to make fun of people with special needs!"
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    wow, i cant even come up with that.

    did he actually train to increase his uselessness?
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    Reminds me of school, when the class had to read a text "together" aka one had to read out loud and the rest was listening. Hated that shit.
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    @jonii Still doing that at our school. As a very fluent reader, I fucking hate it.
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    @neriald you are right, that does make everything better
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    Just imagine what he's posting about this meeting over at bossrant 🀣
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    I upvotee because it's a good rant, but I want to downvote it into Oblivion because it's making me so fuckin angry 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

    πŸ–•to your boss, from me personally.
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    Usually, I cancel meetings at that stage and postpone them if there aren't very good reasons why the participants havn't done their preparation.
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    @erandria maybe he's the mentor
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    @Fast-Nop I’ve tried doing that before. He just reschedules the meeting and then uses that as an exercise to criticize us if something gets delayed
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    Been there. Pretty sure I'll be there again in a few weeks. In my case he won't make me read. But hell if he will read it before the meeting.
    It's pretty much accepted that he'll unbox the email in the meeting as we wait and watch.
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    I wouldn't expect everyone to have read an email if it's sent just 45 mins before a meeting. The point of an email is that you don't have to read it at the moment it's sent.
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    @electrineer That's why you call right after sending an email to make sure the other recipients got it ;)
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    @electrineer I don’t expect them to read it that second. But I do expect that when I’m asked to debug critical customer facing bugs, that my response would be read.

    And I would not expect to waste everyone’s time while I read it out word for word.

    My team has a huge problem of having meetings for meetings sake. Our team is spread across 5 time zones. At least one person on that call was on at 11pm. This kind of shit just pisses everyone off
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    To be fair... an email with all attendees copied in before the meeting?

    Raise the points in the meeting and email afterward as cliff notes. It just tells people youre a nervous speaker.
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    @fives I was asked to respond via email. I was lead to believe the meeting was going to be a “next steps” kind of meeting. But we spent 99% of it reading the email and asking, was I sure. The last sentence was asking the backend team to investigate
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    You took the requested method of response too literally, when you were about to see them in person anyway. Its my opinion only, the way the meeting was handled was an exercise on that.
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    Hi xxx,

    The below bug reports are top priority, can you debug them and reply back to this thread with your findings in advance of tomorrow’s meeting. We’d like to review so we can discuss what actions to take on the call

    ... yes, replying to the email was my bad. Won’t do it next time when they directly ask me too. Thanks for the tip.
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    That't too damn common. What about meetings where instead of giving your status you have to screenshare and demo what you've been working on. It's utter bs.
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    ALEXA read out the mail to the entire team....

    Alexa : Reading mail....
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    @billgates ++ for classic Dilbert. Bring back the tie!
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