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    Fake. People wouldn't even want to pay 5$
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    @Alice yes, 100% agreed !!!
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    4 different friends and family have come to me to help them build 'this small thing', when I state my cost they vanish into nothingness.
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    You forgot "Hey can you hack Facebook?"
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    @Dropkick500 some people really asked me to do that. They think: IT guy = 1337 haxx0r
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    @iamavalos relationship drama :)
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    I remember telling a guy that and he used it against me when I asked him where he's from. His profile states that he's currently in our city but I was asking where he came from because he's a foreigner. He blew uo and said, "It's on my profile. Sure, you are a PROGRAMMER. Stupid Asians." What a fucking moron. This is why I prefer talking to people in person sometimes. Surely, he can only say that on the internet.
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    @Alice "but you only press keys all day! That's not work!"
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    and then youvalso have the people who ask you to hack shit for free.
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    @FinlayDaG33k haha 😁 , true that
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    @k33da I've literally gotten questions on hacking people n companies for free...
    Ofc, they expected from me that if I got caught, I should pretend like I didn't know them :^)
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    Please don't randomly tag unrelated things like java, C, agile.
    No-one wants to see this when they search for them. Stop.
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