When you do work on a front end ticket. You implement the things as UX tells you to, make a few mistakes, fix those as well when QA catches them.

But then UX realizes other improvements they can make , so you toss some of those in and move some of the other shit to tech debt to avoid possibly failing the sprint due to rabbit hole of front end awfulness because you suck at your job.

Then later somebody else a couple degrees above you in job hierarchy, notes a couple tips and things you could fix unrelated to your ticket. But when will it ever end or do. I suck and hate front end work, AY LMAO LEMME SUBMIT THE SAME SHIT WHICH RENDERS DIFFERENTLY BETWEEN CHROME vs CHROMIUM AND EVERYTHING THAT USES CHROMIUM.

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    It will render differently everywhere anyway with umpteen different devices multiplied by a gazillion resolutions, and then there's users born far in the previous millennium who zoom in your 2px fonts, and different browser versions and addons and bugs everywhere, and by the time you have adopted to all that shit, EVEN MORE shit comes along!

    Besides, your whole visual design has gone out of fashion because marketing has the attention span of an Alzheimer's plagued gold fish, but that's not so bad because by that time, your whole backend is outdated too and you have to move over to blockhain AI driven JS frameworks written in PHP!
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