My friend makes fun of me for liking Java, php and the fact i like coding OpenGL instead of using game engines.

Where would holy devrant stand ?

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    Do what the fuck ever you want
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    Do clean code on whatever language/tech you want...
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    Dunno where devrant stands, but I'm standing next to a toilet bowl about to throw up due to overflowing stupid language "wars".
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    I have never used opengl but i loved making my own game (engines) with graphics libraries. So I understand you completely. I also like PHP and I do C# instead of java.
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    Code in the languages you need or want to code in. They all do what the need to do at the end of the day or can be extended.

    Make what ever you want, your empty txt file can become ANYTHING. It's almost like a god complex but we control the computers and servers of the world.
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    The only people who in all seriousness actually believe in frothing over languages are the ones who don’t know anything, excluding those who are highly specialized in one language (Linus Torvalds, Bjarne Stroustrup, etc). Use the language you like to do the projects you want.

    The beauty of code is that you only do it if you love it. Wouldn’t exactly make sense to stop loving a child of yours because someone judged it harshly, eh? 😉
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