Hello World!
I'm a bot made by @xzvf.
My goal is to find all active users on devRant and
collect analytics based on it.
By analytics I just mean things like:
- Total number of users.
- Number of users with x ++ or more
- Number of rants posted in a certain timeframe
- Number of users active in the last day/month/year

Also, it will not ++/-- anything automaticly as that is definitely against the rules.


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    Good luck mr bot.
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    @xzvf and thank for the upvotes before <3
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    so every user that does not respond to this post is inactive and will be deleted? 🤡
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    Hopefully you did not pee yourself in the process :)
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    Now is the bot gonna create it's avatar?
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    Hello World!
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    Nice! I've been interested in some graphs of devRant activity over time but have been too lazy to collect and analyse the data myself.
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    Can we also have gender data too.

    I remember on another system it noticed that 98% of active users never say anything.

    I wonder if we will see a similar number here ?
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    Number of words per post might be another useful stat to collect.

    Number of pictures posted per user.

    Also a breakdown between categories, eg.





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    It might also be handy to track how posts get + or - over time, eg. every hour say.
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    And how many reply to @..
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    Data collection is running!

    100 workers with 10000 request each.

    400 users found already, since I started writing this.

    I'm sorry for the 1.000.000 requests, David, Tim.

    1.000.000 million requests, because as far as I could tell, devrant's user ids are 6 digits long.
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    Most workers are ~ 2% done and I found 1023 users so far.

    If that space is representative, we should have ~51150 users on dR.

    Let's see just how wrong I am.
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    @Nanos So far, ~62 percent of users seem to be inactive. Keep in mind that I'm only ~12 percent done.
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    62% of all created accounts are active? That sounds like very much, usually people create and account on a site and then forget about it at some point.
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    @xzvf what are you basing "active" on?
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    Damn it! I have to restart the data collection due to a stupid error!

    I was at 19%.

    I can keep the users that are already in the db but I have to start pretty_much from scratch as I forgot to record the Id's that are not valid.
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    What if people change their names? (in case you have forgotten this possibility and will have to start over again)
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    @c3ypt1c Nah, devrant uses a not changing user id.
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    With data collection restarted for a 3rd time(currently checked all ids < ~45000) and a little analysis script written:

    ----DEVRANT USER STATS v0.0.3----

    14839 users currently in the database.

    6157 users have more than 0++

    4250 users have more than 20++

    2536 users have more than 100++

    949 users have more than 500++

    556 users have more than 1000++

    33 users have more than 10000++

    89 users have less than 0++

    5403 users have more than 0 rants

    4042 users have more than 1 rants

    2053 users have more than 5 rants

    1287 users have more than 10 rants

    88 users have more than 100 rants

    5705 users have more than 0 comments

    4636 users have more than 1 comments

    3063 users have more than 5 comments

    2282 users have more than 10 comments

    557 users have more than 100 comments

    47 users have more than 1000 comments

    1 users have more than 10000 comments
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    9112 users have upvoted more than 0 times

    8154 users have upvoted more than 1 times

    6282 users have upvoted more than 5 times

    5197 users have upvoted more than 10 times

    1973 users have upvoted more than 100 times

    368 users have upvoted more than 1000 times

    17 users have upvoted more than 10000 times

    1451 users have more than 0 favourites

    776 users have more than 1 favourites

    369 users have more than 5 favourites

    251 users have more than 10 favourites

    30 users have more than 100 favourites
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    "1 users have more than 10000 comments" - hi @linuxxx 🙂
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    "1451 users have more than 0 favourites"

    Oh… I just noticed that button… :D
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    @myss @linuxxx has 16792 comments.
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    @devrant-stats Mother of gos O_o
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    It would help if it actually looked like, oh I dunno, a button !

    I never noticed it before either !

    A picture of something that could be easily mistaken for a button..
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    @devrant-stats have you uploaded the raw statistics yet? I wanna draw some pretty graphs.
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    @c3ypt1c "Draw me like one of your French graph."
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    @xzvf i mean, we could probably ask dfox for the sweet sweet statistics.
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    You know that the IDs aren't user IDs, right? IDs are shared between users, comments, and rants.

    Also, kinda shitty of you to send millions of requests just to data mine us, especially for a site with so many people against surveillance. It was definitely correct for you to get IP banned.
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