How do you guys battle procrastination? I got it bad.

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    I just let it win
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    @AleCx04 I feel bad when I go a few days without programming. 😅
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    @M1sf3t I feel like I’m fighting the battle everyone just abandoned now 😅😂
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    Lol imagine thinking a few days without programming is "bad" procrastination
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    Well after reading this rant I will stop it now.
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    Obviously I'm still here...
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    @Bubbles procastinating by reading these rants
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    I’m from Missouri. Soooo meth, I suppose... 😂😂
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    @broseph fuck. Skipping weed and everything else
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    I will tell you later.
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    my procastination decreased a lot this last year.

    i would say im aware of the reasons I tend to procastinate and either walk, yell, meditate about it

    I have those reasons present and deal with them, think about them actively and try to find solutions instead of them making me go crazy in the background of my mind.
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    Draw down a feasible planification
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    @davide I’ve tried and I’m still trying to make some kind of schedule work but I’m bad with schedules. But if I can just sit down and get some light coding done that light coding turns to 2-8 hours
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    @M1sf3t that’s when you need to get more meth though 😂😂
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    Try looking up personal kanban. It really helped me a lot!
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    let me rephrase,

    procastination is a natural reaction of people to avoiding doing something that is expected to be painful.

    people know that the outcome of procastinasting is very negative,
    but there is a stronger feeling that doing the task will be painful immediately.

    That doesn't mean the remorse while procastinating disappears, instead it generates pain and guilt. This in turn makes it very hard for you to focus, thus creating the procastination feedback loop.

    Procastination is stopped in a per case basis, so what will work with you is figuring your mind out.

    why do you procastinate?
    when do you do it?
    what triggers you?

    there's a brief moment when procastination feelings start, and if you carefully pay attention to those feelings, then you understand yourself and why you procastinate.

    Maybe the subject you were assigned is a piece of shit.
    Maybe the teacher is terrible.
    Maybe the people at the place you need to run the errands at treat you like shit.
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    once you understand your procastination causes, you come up with strategies to cope with them

    you express yourself (rant on devrant, talk to a friend, just yell how pissed you are for having to do that annoying shit, meditate) or you actually try to come up with some problem solving strategy that helps (charts, divide and conquer, kanban, pomodor, whatever tf)

    Nosce te ipsum
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    @erandria that was very interesting to read. I believe knowing how things work fundamentally help you deal with it. So thank you for the information 🙏🏻
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    It's strong and I'm lazy, I can't win
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    Detox on those replacement habits, there was a time in your life when you didn't procrastinate, the very alternatives to work (browsing, reading news, watching something) grow on us as well paved reinforced pathways. If you stop maintaining them, they get potholes and eventually get closed.
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    !remindme 1 day
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    I only wait for the right mood.
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    Procrastination = evolutionary laziness, or otherwise known as fitness, efficiency, etc.

    Eg. humans tend along with other life, not to do anything, unless its absolutely necessary for our survival.

    Why waste energy..

    So, if you don't want to do it, its not important. :-)

    Humans, like most other life, also has a tendency to think / plan only short term..

    Thank goodness for instincts that keep us pre-programmed to do those things we'd rather put off till tomorrow !


    You are fighting your inbuilt programming to not do anything.


    Gamble !

    When you get poor enough, you will suddenly discover you want to do something about it. :-)

    Or you might get richer, and just go back to doing nothing in more luxury. :-)

    If you can develop a very strong will, you can break your programming..

    But it isn't easy..
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    ADHD * laziness === I have no idea how i ever get anything done
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    I mostly shoot myself in the foot, then ouchies 😂
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    That's a problem that can be solved later!
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    How can you expect an answer from someone who is scrolling hard on devRant.
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    Life is difficult. But suicide is not an option. It's just selfish and ego-based decision that leaves people you love sad. Live through whatever life brings, that is life, the purest form of existence.
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    I have a really great system for dealing with my procrastination I’ll tell you tomorrow
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