A girl takes less time in getting ready as compared to windows 10😂😂😂

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    What sticker is it?
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    @asgs pycharm from jetbrains
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    @Alice 😂😂 rolling on the bed with laughter
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    Installing Arch takes less time than "Getting ready" on Windows!
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    What the hell sticker on phone. You code on phone now.

    How advance you are. Or just paste it.
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    To make her/windows ready quickly both must consist SSD
    solid state drive/strong sexual desire

    My original
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    @kenogo Compared to that: "Getting Started" on Windows 10 took about 30-40mins on our school PCs which aren't even crappy.
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    @zotigapo recieved 100 jetbrains stickers for contribution in thier repo.. They must be used somewhere😂😂
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    It's lame.
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    @kenogo additionally i install reflector to adjust my mirrors also
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