DevRant battle royale mode
Every user looses 1 ++ every day. The user with lowest score is deleted and banned from DevRant for a week.
Propose other outrageous, but intriguing changes to DevRant.

  • 11
    Let the avatars do fornite dances
  • 10
    @alexbrooklyn I'd delete my account.
  • 7
    Call it sudden death or whatnot. The term "Battle royale" should be considered the new comic sans
  • 3
  • 10
    Upon registration you enter your full name and address and upload a selfie for verification. If you're caught mistagging a post then a moderator will hire an assassin from the dark web to murder you until you're dead.
  • 8
    > Murdering until dead
    well yes that's the point isn't it
  • 3
    The devrant user who has given you the most ++ gets to decide who you marry.

    The user that you have given the most ++ to, is who you will name your firstborn after.
  • 1
    @drdre I hope they make me marry them, they obviously like me. Or my rants. And avatar... Anyways, we'll make it work! I wonder who the lucky one is.
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