Do you sometimes dream about code?

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    Sometimes, depending how much I'm stressed with an issue

    Off-topic: "do androids dream of electric sheep?"
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    Unfortunately I do that a lot and the worst part of it I'll wake up and write the ideas on paper or on my phone, oddly enough it sometimes even works very well ^_^
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    Oh you mean nightmares? Yeah, sometimes I guess
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    I had a hellish fever dream slash hallucination once where I was trying to solve this impossibly complex problem for HOURS. The fever gradually let me have my mind back and I realized I've been thinking about nonsense the whole time, but at the time it felt like the most important thing in the whole world. It had to be solved at any cost.

    Imagine something like a mix between the tesseract at the end of Interstellar, n tier architecture and some shitty stored procedures. Fuck fever dreams.
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    No, but does the code dream about me? 🤔
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    Yup. Especially when I'm stressed about something I work on.
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    yeah, they're always very stressful.
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    Yes it happened to me sometimes, usually when I spent all the day writing code. It seems that the brain can't stop anymore and it continues coding also in the dreams.
    But to be honest my strangest dreaming experience happened the night before an Algebra exam. I basically dreamed a sequence of mathematical steps without any visual/auditory stimulus. I would call it an "abstract dream". I passed the exam (with a shitty grade :D) and it never happened to me again to dream in that way. I think mathematicians could have stranger dreams than programmers!
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    @alexbrooklyn is asking the real questions 😂
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    What does any of this have to do with dreamweaver
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