I cant get a JSON object out of my query results!! I have been trying all day and I'm so frustrated and sad. I'm new to JavaScript, AJAX, and JSON. I just want to understand this. I've seen videos, tutorials, but I never get the expected results with jason_encode. And on the client side I don't even know if the request is good since I can't make the JSON object. :(

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    I have nothing but feels for you, man. I’ve been living this for like two weeks.
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    @broseph thank you for the feels at least. Currently taking a break before I go back to tackle this. Hoping we both figure this out.
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    I very highly recommend using a REST client like insomnia to test it, as it will cut through all the http handling for you and just show you what you need.
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    @bahua Ok I'll take your advice. I've never used it before so it may just add to my confusion but I'll look up some videos. Thanks!
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    Or postman, understand js objects and array first thrn it’s easier to read JSON
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    @devTea I really appreciate your suggestion. I looked up both clients and I kind of get it but I think I need to take a step back. Maybe I'm not handling the query results right. When I echo json_encode($query_results) what prints is the actual query string (SELECT FROM WHERE etc.). I feel like that shouldn't happen...? Also when I use fetchAll() nothing happens. I'm looking at w3schools website and they are using ->prepare() and ->execute() and ->get_results() which I am not. Is this where I'm going wrong? The way I am running the query is $results = $db->query($query); return $results. To print the results I am using a foreach loop in a printResults function and they print okay in a table format. But they dont seem to get passed to the json object. I am not looping when I am trying to create the object (in a separate function) bc I thought fetchAll() would do that, but as I said that doesn't work. Sorry for the long post but thanks for reading.
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    @zuley you'll want to json_encode the result of fetch_all probably
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    @White I did try this once I set $rows = fetchAll($query_results) ... json_encode($rows) ... when echo this last statement all that returns is brackets like this []

    Thanks for your suggestion. I'll definitely post an update when I figure this out.
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    @zuley that means the SQL query returned zero rows
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    @White but when I use a printResults function it prints all the results. Does it have to do with looping through the results? Also before trying to encode I use rowCount() to check if any rows returned.
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    @zuley it's possible you're consuming the rows before the call to fetch_all, but it's hard to tell without looking at the code. I'm sure you'd get some good help here if you linked to a hastebin of the code snippet, but I'm gonna get some shut-eye.
    Good luck with the debugging!
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    @White Ah I am quite new so I didnt know I could link. I'm finding the devRant community really supportive though. Thanks again for the suggestions. x
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    Wow what you said was right! The printResults was "consuming" the results data before fetchAll(). I did not know this was possible. After removing the printResults call and only using fetchAll and json_encode my data is now being encoded into a json object. Thank you so so much.
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    "i just want to understand this"

    there's your problem.

    repeat after me: "Javascript is not understood nor written. Javascript is referenced from other people's online repos that you have no control over, or, if you must, copypasted from random google search results."
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