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    Take fine grit sandpaper and sand down the edge. Or you know, buy something comfortable to begin with??
  • 6
    Run this down the side of the computer...
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    Frickin' unbelievable.
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    I dont think it is going to work. Hard coating + soft plastic will create chatter and that tool is created mostly for metal.
  • 11
    First the audio jack, HDMI and other connections, now even smooth edges! Apple quickly turns into a manufacturer of devices you would only buy for your sworn enemy.
  • 2
    @Alice I wish one day someone buys Apple itself and drives it in the ground. The state it's in now, Steve would be ashamed.
  • 2
    That is a scratch made by a cat.
  • 3
    @Gregozor2121 MBP case is solid aluminum so that’s the appropriate tool for the job
  • 1
    @cst1992 I hope they’ll find another Steve quickly.
  • 1
    @lastNick there will never be another like steve unfortunately.

    Apple also announced the other day that its new focus will be subscription services
  • 0
    Hopefully will be not another brainwasher marketer like steve
  • 0
    @dontbeevil well it didnt take much with all the competition he had 🙄
  • 0
    @maushax The cats were the first thing I spotted.
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