This is the problem with iot

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    Some of the brightest minds and no one asks, “What if the internet is down?”
    Fuck some designers are retarded.
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    It has to search for instructions to turn on?
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    @rutee07 That sounds a bit undelightful
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    You know you're fucked when you need a fucking connection to Google because it's your only way of controlling a device...
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    we need smart appliances which will securely communicate with a bridge with Wi-Fi AP and a private VPN *ONLY* for those smart appliances so that you can control them both at home and overseas. And VPN part should be changeable and open-standard. And don't forget extension slots. And probably even it being federated.
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    @rutee07 Next you'll have sex toys which go limp when the internet disconnects and behaves erratically in weak connection areas. Say you like getting choked but the signal to stop the choke never reaches your buddy. Funny bleak world you see 😎
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    I know at least 2 or 3 startups that want to sell door locks opened through mobile app.

    I can't stop laughing at them
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    Smart devices, stupid people.
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    who the fuck uses these insecure pieces of trash
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    Cloud-hosted IoT
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    Where tf is the manual override option? Oh wait, it’s Google we’re talking about here 😏
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    Don’t believe HomeKit needs any cloud service to operate on a LAN. Thermostats, lights, door locks, all work fine when the internet connection is down.
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    Don't forget that without a internet connection companies can't spy on you, meaning less money for them.
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