now I have a MacBook Pro, an iPad Pro and an iPhone. I achieved my dream.


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    Dream bigger
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    @irene rant.tags += ['crap']
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    You have pretty low expectations....
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    @Stuxnet Your cousin needs to do his "reee thing".

    The trolls are "leaking" again.
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    Imagine unironically buying apple products
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    Its your money but always get what you actually need.
    I'm sure that monitor has great image, but there are alternatives, as for having iPad, Macbook and iPhone, you can't get a windows laptop and expect iPhone and iPad be in sync with Windows the same way they are with a Macbook.
    But if you don't get that display, you'll find another one with same quality and by far lower price ==> Same result.
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    I have all that too...It's a notification hell. Whatsapp, telegram, calendar, tasks, skype, they all sounds on all devices at the same time.
    When I don't answer on skype in time on Mac, tablet start to ring and immediately is also redirected to phone incoming calls.

    I know I know, it would be enough to switch them off, but when I'm not at the Mac, I need the phone and/or the table to notify me so it's easier to keep them on all the time...

    Ah and if I change the Apple ID password on one device it enter in a loop hell...because it's not syncronized immediately on all devices

    well....let's see how android will enter in all that
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    @irene I don't know about them but I've seen iMac 27inch 4k display, that looks great. But I'm sure Apple is no better than those specialized in making displays.

    if its up to me I'd rather burn those $1000 than spending them on a stand, I still don't believe they charge that much for a stand, its one purpose to hold the display but it costs more than a phone that runs our lives now!
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    @irene lool exactly
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    @irene Were you thinking about Iiyama?

    e.g. https://iiyama.com/gl_en/products/...

    Edit: Eizo is also a good one
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    @irene Okay, so definitely Eizo, haha


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    Can anyone buy me the Mac Pro
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    @irene Oh! That's going to give them ideas! The "iSensor colour calibration". Only $2,999 (not included with the monitor).
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    @irene ever heard of a joke? or was it a bad joke.

    And damn it, why does every time I rant you get more ++ on the comments?
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    I know you love the touch
    ~Android user to an 🍎
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