What is you answer when someone asks you "Can you hack my neighbour's WiFi?"

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    Something like "ain't gonna go to jail for that shit buddy"
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    I don't need to, their TV accepts unauthorised connections outside of the network.
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    "I can. can you rob a bank?"
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    I can, but won't. I'm allergic to felonies.
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    "No, can you?"
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    Moment of silence.
    "Would you?"
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    Yes, but internet is cheap you can buy one connection.
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    "I might be able to, but it's not a good idea."
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    Do you know their password?
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    "Depends on what kind of encryption they're using. If it's WPA2, it will take longer and require more interesting attacks. If it's WEP, I can bruteforce it in a few hours. However, this entire discussion is academic because I have no interest in camping out at your house for several hours just because you're too cheap to pay for your own internet connection."
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    @Albatross nope. it will take 30 min.
    bruteforce it using local cellphone numbers as the password... ppl are too lazy.
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    "Aleredy did heres the password"
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    1. whats the make and model?

    2. did you change the default password?

    3. no, that would be a felony.

    4. all of the above.
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    how much?
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