I figured out how PayPal transfers to your bank account!

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    Username almost checks out
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    Welp, my transfers are almost instant 🤔
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    @c3ypt1c Clearly a bug. Send a report.
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    FUCK PAYPAL. FUCK THEM ALL. TERRIBLE COMPANY WITH TERRIBLE POLICIES AND IF YOU THINK YOU'RE SAFE FROM THEIR BULLSHIT YOU AREN'T. Honestly, PayPal is the second shittiest company I've had the displeasure of using. Right behind Facefuck.
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    @c3ypt1c honestly my story is far longer than I care to write here, but the short version:

    Changed my phone number, forgot to tell them. Got locked out. OK, my fault. Called support 5 times, and most are incompetent, meaning that I have to fully explain the issue multiple times because they can't possibly understand that "password reset" won't work for me because I need the fucking phone verification. The one person who was actually useful told me that they don't have the ability to change the number even if they wanted to (we were both locked out of my account). So i call the manager. Same shit.

    Wait a few months, try again. Nothing. Try on a VPN, finally get somewhere (wtf?). I wants me to verify by text to let me in, the same deal. I say "give me another option you fucking piece of shit" and it let's me verify password resets (which I don't need) with the NEW number.

    So,to recap, their system is a pile of steaming shit,and their support is incompetent. FML, and this isn't all
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    I summarized this so much it looks like I'm being petty or something, but I'm not. I spent hours and hours on this, over months, and all the while they wouldn't let me transfer my money out. So my money was locked in there and nobody could access it.
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    @SecFreak unless you had actual money in the account, couldn't you make a new one?
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    @c3ypt1c I had over 60 bucks in that account
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    @SecFreak fair enough, I always withdraw ASAP.
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