Why it's so damn hard to find a GF as a Dev?
when I talk to one no title about life but dev titles come to my mouth and she has no idea what the heck am i talking about!

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    Your job isn't the thing making more difficult.
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    Just talk about the time when you were backpacking across western europe. Everything will be allright then .
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    1. Speak for your damn self
    2. Check your game my dude. Not knowing how to play it has got nothing to do with the dev life
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    My 2 and a half cents.

    Get some hobbies outside of development. Not only is it good for you mentally and physically, it makes you a more well rounded person and you should do that for yourself and personal development.

    Read books, go hiking, join a rock climbing gym, try your hand at cooking, go somewhere near or far for a vacation, etc. Not only is it fulfilling, it makes you relatable, interesting, and more likely to find someone who either shares your interests- or wants to share them.

    Relying on game and conversational tricks will evaporate and it becomes overwhelmingly understood that it’s a superficial ploy- and that gets you nowhere. I had a relationship based on this and it was a disaster. M

    As far as being able to talk to your partner about development- you’ll be able to find someone who has interest in what you do because of your passion and your excitement. That’s an attractive trait for anyone. I talk to my girlfriend about what I’m working on all the time- she even gives me non-developer feedback which helps my work. I ask her for her opinion and involve her which we both value.

    The rest of the time we go climbing, camping, and go to martial arts classes together. We look forward to taking trips together whether across town or beyond.

    Don’t look at who you are and be defeated, look at the possibilities of what you can do and make the most of life.

    What I’ve noticed is that time away from my work and my computer gives my mind time to take a breather and I get inspired by ideas that hit me while I’m doing other things.

    It’s all about balance. Looking for someone to just have all the interest in what you are doing means that they may perceive you as not interested in them.

    Or you can stick to your guns and find a partner who is a dev. Eventually that won’t be enough for a relationship though.
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    A dev gf + a dev you = 1 boring ass life.

    Get some mixture, find someone you have some common interests in OUTSIDE of code, life is short, don't isolate your self into a tiny bubble of misery.

    Enjoy life, my SO don't code for shit, but we have enough in common to make it work.
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    @sandeepbalan I know what you did there ';)
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