A bit late finding, but I actually like the design.

(Surface Pro Pride Skin)

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    Pride. Fucking pride. Pride for fucking what? 😠

    *Don't mind me*
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    BTW, a nice design.
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    @irene pride... for... uhhh.... 4 squares?
    @quanticoceo heh,
    @xewl I hAvE nO iDeA wHaT yOu ArE wRiTiNg AbOuT
    @irene ^v^, would love to buy it, but i don't think i can stand all those glances of the rainbow color.
    I am not one of those LGBT haters, but i won't be able to survive from people looking at me :P
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    @CozyPlanes Thought I'd give all the letters a chance 😏
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    @xewl unfair since LGBTQ got two chances... (smirks)
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    @CozyPlanes Oh, did you just assume they couldn't? :v
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    And this "PRIDE" fuckery has made use of pride and rainbow difficult to use in general

    So fuck you pride
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    @CozyPlanes true. That shit made rainbow either offensive or a signal. Rainbow is just a fucking rainbow.
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    @gitlog you're wrong about "not nature". There are many animals who engage in homosexual relationships
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    @irene many animals mate without partner's permission or interest
    Does that explain similar human behaviour?
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    I want one that says "Proud to be a nigga" because I am.
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    that's... not lgbt pride flag tho... that's just a company trying to make money... god i hate pink money
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    @darksideofyay I guess no one will really know that stands for pride and LGBT community unless they explicitly saw the product before, right?
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    @gitlog (young kids draws rainbow in their picture background)
    People around kids 20 years ago: Beautiful!
    People around kids these days: (gasps) (waits) (understandable...)
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    @CozyPlanes That's what I'm saying, it's not pride merch
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