Everything is shit and I have to work drive thru till 11.15pm.

Everything appears to require js at one point or another (though kotlin requires groovy which, in the intellij IDE, the template it COMES with is fucking broken from the start)

c# could work (and microsoft shop jobs are plentiful) but fucking VS code is a headache and microsoft seems intent on locking everyone into VS and making everything they touch turn to shit, like the king midas of diarrhea (thanks MS, monodevelop is source only on windows). Also c# for android (xamarin) requires apache cordova to do anything, which means...TADA, FUCKING JAVASCRIPT and all the other shit it brings with it.

Java seems like an option, lots of jobs available, but I need netbeans for desktop (javafx) and Android Studio
separately in order to do anything. And Android Studio now uses, of all things...FUCKING GROOVY.

*cocks gunfinger and points in mouth*
why must every fucking thing be it's own DSL and make everything about the fucking ceremony of configuration over
fucking convention?

Haven't any of these fucking cocksuckers heard of MAKE? Or do they just masturbate over how intelligent and smart they are for having reinvented the god damn WHEEL?

I'll see you at the drive through. Will that be all for today?

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    Make is also a bunch of crap that has even issues with spaces in filenames - not to mention the reliance on ordered timestamps. Oh and the make "language" is also godawful.
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    You neither need VS or VS Code to run C#. You can use Jetbrains Rider or even nano since all you really need to do is install dotnet core, run "dotnet new [type]" to create a new project and then "dotnet run" to build and run it. There's also "dotnet watch run" if you want to rebuild it on save. Also from where did you get the impression that you needed cordova for xamarin?
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    Netbeans doesn't require JavaFX - where are you getting that idea from? (JavaFX is basically dead & gone, sadly.)

    Java these days is basically either Spring based server side, or Android based client side. The goto IDE is generally IntelliJ or Android studio these days (though personally I still prefer Netbeans.)
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    This rant has a lot false information
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    Xamarin needs Cordova? Are you sure mate?
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    Also, MS doesn't lock you into VS. It just so happens that VS is the best IDE out there so people prefer using for C#.

    You can use JetBrain's Rider if you like though
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    It's the impressions resulting from 15 minutes of research.

    Two sites I read said running c# on android would require cordova.

    Never take advice from random commenters apparently*shrugs*.
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    No, someone told me to use netbeans for javafx.

    And I was like "yeah but why does the IDE matter to the framework?"
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