Today I learned Slovakia is in fact a version control system, not country.

Things you find on Wikipedia these days.. 🤔

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    I just removed the invalid link in the article :-)
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    @nonox you should get yourself an avatar. Unless something changed, you only need 20++ to do it.
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    @ewpratten Maybe I will one day but I find them boring 😬
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    //Haxk20 is from Slovakia
    What the actual fuck ? This is interesting. Wait if I live here I must be a branch then oh god they can change me. Shit
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    On the other hand, most of us just assume that anyone without an avatar but more than 20++ is a spammer.
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    @Haxk20 branchislava?
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    @ewpratten It's just plain rude to assume that.

    By the way, dear sir, my recently deceased very rich uncle donated me a container full of Viagra and Cialis, I'm willing to send them to you for free but I would just need you to send me a small amount of money using secure Western union as a guarantee of your good faith. Also, send me your credit card number in order to reset your PayPal account. May lord almighty be with you forever.
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    Go to google and search mountain chicken for cool beans
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