Coworker wrote a nice package and put it on Github, to share with other departments.

I link his package on our company Slack, mentioning a team, with text "What do you think of this one? Is it usable for you guys?"

Next thing I know I have to explain to an executive why I'm "posting pictures of seductive cartoon girls in company chat with disrespectful commentary"

It linked the Github profile picture of the developer in Slack. A fully clothed anime girl, nothing particularly lewd about it.

But I like stabbing back a bit, and confusing the fuck out of people in suits:

"Hate to say it, but a good majority of all the code the company runs on, is written by people known as weebs, who use their so called waifus as their GitHub profile picture. It is very common for open source Javascript packages, but since we recruited 50 extra devs it now also happens internally. It's not my thing either sir, but I'm afraid we have to embrace it... "

"But what about our female devs? What about Joanna, she's in your team? We have to think of diversity! Our investors are really in to diversity, we can't have a bro culture!"

"Sir, with all due respect, we have super diverse teams without even trying. The problem is... they're all millennials. They grew up on weird memes... and are probably ten steps further in embracing diversity compared to the rest of the company."

"Also, Joanna is the one who drew this particular picture. She's charging a €15 commission for profile pictures... Do you want one of your fursona, sir?"

"What is that?"

"Uh... nevermind. Let's... let's not go there"

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    Brilliant handling. One just has to love that.
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    @epse I found it hilarious he called it a "seductive cartoon girl".

    It was just a plain anime girl.

    I think he might have just found his own waifu. No judgement.
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    @bittersweet old school standards I assume
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    @irene Eh? I think I'm the only nonweeb dev. Don't know shit about it.

    It's some kind of whitehaired girl in a sailor uniform?
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    @irene Oh, it's pretty much exactly like the first result from Google when I look for that.

    Except, drawn a bit differently. Not going to post that original here, because then my coworkers might find me here...
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    不不不不不 i'cant even rofl hahahaha stop hahhahah omg hahahhahaha
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    Real talk my github pfp IS my fursona
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    @irene hestia is bestia
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    @bittersweet a this. I never liked the anime. Arpeggio of Blue Steel made more sense for me.
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    This is Hestia, from an anime called "is it okay to pick up girls in a dungeon" can recommend, its a fun show
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    @Hazarth and the second season is now streamed. and it got better
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    @stop can't flippin' wait to get into it!
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    @Hazarth That is possibly the weebiest title I've ever seen, but OK

    Although I just read about the girl in the sailor suit... And she's also a warship?

    Every time someone tries to hype me up for some anime series, I just become extremely confused within a few minutes.

    The plotlines are always something like, "The girl is in love with her teacher, but he is also the chosen one to fight of alien-robot hybrids in a mecha suit, then there was 10 minutes of cherry blossoms falling and crickets chirping, and then it turned out that his girlfriend was actually a girl possessed by the spirit of an attack helicopter who traveled from the future who got stuck in the AI of his mecha suit to help him fight this invasion, and she was inside his head the whole time..."
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    @bittersweet I dont see any problems with the fictional anime description you just made up. Checks out!

    Seriously tho, Just get it at like horriblesubs at https://horriblesubs.info/shows/...

    Best to get it in a torrent format, these at horriblesubs are all safe, english subs included. Start at ep 1 and you should know if you like it by the end of the episode or so~
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    @bittersweet Re Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Yes she's the avatar of a submarine. There's an entire fleet of sentient warships in war with mankind who all have cute girl avatars because "you humans refer to ships as a 'her'".

    I see where you're coming from about absurd plots.
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    @bittersweet I can agree with the crazy plot lines.. there are quite a few, maybe too many and this is one of the reason for its reputation.

    but I'm certain that if you tell us what kind of genre or theme you are interested in other types of media like movies or series we can give you at least one anime/manga that you will enjoy and wont be too weird or crazy for you!
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    Did I just witness all the terms you threw at him fly right over him?
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    @Hazarth i say so much: the familia gets bigger and we see the head of the soma familia, but he is at the moment a character of minor importance.
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    In conclusion: fucking weebs.

    @bittersweet consider reecondings of horriblesubs, because their files tend to be rather large
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    休休休半etter call fire dept, they got burned ‍妖
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    @VaderNT wait I thought this ships disguised as girls shit was something called "kantai collection"?

    Now you're telling me this thing not just exists in the mind of one crazy animator, but it's also a reused trope in anime?

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    @bittersweet i wouldnt say that is often used. I only know kantai collection(game, manga, anime), azur lane(game) and blue steel(manga and anime) that have an release of something in the last years or an big enough fanbase that share the theme of the ocean and ships.
    the things in brackets are ordered after the releasetime. The three franchises itself are not ordered.
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    @bittersweet nonono. Look, these are totally different.
    Arpeggio of Blue Steel: The cute girls and the ships are separate entities, with the cute girls being the "brain". Therefore ships can be sunk while keeping the important parts: Our waifus. Which is important, because despite their war against humanity, some learn to like humans. End war, keep waifus, win-win.

    Kantai Collection: Cute girls are the reborn souls of sunken WW2 warships. As such they walk on water and wear gun turret jewelry and school uniforms or mini skirts and bunny ears or whatever *your* fetish is. They defend humanity against the "abyssal fleet", who are cute albino warship girls and (at least in the anime) utter things like "give it back" (what? nobody knows. the D?).

    So you see, with these major differences... ah fuck it, it's actually just about the waifus.
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    Most of the company I work for is millenials and the only one using a weeb picture is a Gen Z... and it's weird af. I think most professional millenials know you're supposed to hide your power level at work.
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    @bittersweet Alright, on a serious note: There's a large category of anime with an excuse-of-the-week for its waifus. The two above: Something something warships. Beatless: Ostensibly about the near future, mankind's fate in relation to technology, and top-of-the-line androids fighting for different futures, but actually about sexy robot waifus. Sekirei: Ostensibly about a last girl standing fight club thing, actually about cool sporty waifus.

    Anime has more serious stuff to offer. Maybe Shiki, Violet Evergarden, Charlotte, or the "Seinen" category in general.
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    @HollowKitty There are very few people who separate work and private at my office. It gets weird at times, but somehow it does all work, no major incidents apart from the time someone got drunk and brought a goat to the office with the idea to make it our mascot.
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    @bittersweet poor goat
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    Man what a dream job lol
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    @bittersweet goats make perfect dev team mascots
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    I read this whole thread and didn't understand a fucking thing.

    I wonder if I'm gradually getting squeezed out of this business.
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    @platypus Nah, I often feel the same, working at a company where the majority are anime weebs, shawl-wearing hipsters, protein slurping failed crossfit boys, or some odd combination of those.

    You just gotta squeeze back with your own style. Be your fucking self without compromise.

    And enjoy the fact that invasions by weird and alien subcultures are much more interesting than a homogeneous gray cubicle company.
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    @Hazarth can't wait for the pleasure district part
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    10/10, I feel like a minority as a non anime watching dev
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    @RemyRm it has a cause i watch anime/animated: the regular series are boring for me. I can give you an short list of series and films at 20:15 in the freetv(titles translated and comments in brackets):
    Wellness for pairs
    Sorry for all
    The bachelorette
    Focus (film)
    Greys anatomy
    Teenie mothers
    Magnum P.I. (remake)
    The best comes last (original title: the bucket list)
    Coming home (chinese french film about the Cultural Revolution)
    Dr. House
    Terra mater
    Agatha cristies poirot
    Wilsberg(german crime fiction)
    Evolution (comedy with an world saving shampoo)
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    @stop oh yeah definitely regular tv shows are shit.

    Don't get me wrong, i'm not opposed. Couldnt give a shit what someone is in to. It is a noticable trend though!
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    OK you have a point.

    So for someone who likes Doctor Who, Adventure Time, Futurama, Rick & Morty, which weebshow do I get in to?

    Something well-written, something without a super nonsensical plotline, a million memey Japanese culture references or 6 hours of mecha fighting?
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    @bittersweet I recommend Full Metal Alchemist
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    1. log horizon was quite good, has relative less japanese background.
    2. the reflection plays in the USA, the japanese there play a minor role.
    3. The royal tutor, guranteed no mechas(plays in a fictional country with european background with the technology of 18XX).
    4. BESERK, if you dont like splatter, this is nothing for you.
    5. The rising of the shield hero, the japanese background plays a minor role.
    The are the anime i liked and that have less or no required reference to japan and very long fights
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    @bittersweet and log horizon has an explanation for crying out the name of the attack.
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    TIL what a "fursona" is. O_O
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    @codebanana that's a fury.

    and a fursona is the virtual online representation of that individual of that subculture.

    good video
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    Having met a bunch of furries — not my thing, but a love for lots of acid and dissociatives gets you to weird places — there's plenty of relatively "normal" furries.

    In the sense that just like with anime fandom, not everyone from the subculture is as much of an insufferable perverted autist as outsider memes would lead you to believe.

    However, that is coming from a guy who accidentally ended up at a furry party by lifting along with a girl driving at 200kph, snorting many ounces of ketamine from the dashboard...

    ...yeah I might have disabled some fire alarms.

    My point is that not every furry is as horrific as they're usually portrayed, but on average there's more problematic people among them. And where a lot of them assemble it tends to attract many of the other very confused, chaotic and derailed souls as well.

    I noticed a lot of stories of violent physical abuse, and I can imagine a suit feels safe in such a case.

    My issue was the opposite: Feeling abandoned by too many people's deaths, so I tried to get myself to feel something again by dating a drugs-dealing mob girl who nearly got me killed before my 19th birthday by shooting at me.

    Eh. OK, I guess my real point is:

    Take care of your mental health in ways you won't later regret, and being a weeb is probably the least harmful form of escapism.
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    @stop You clearly don't have SyFy. ;-)

    Well, at least "Wilsberg" is better than "Tatort".

    However, the Anime plots aren't mine. Never bothered about throwing testicles of a dragon, or running over kilometer long football fields.
    Same story with Hentai. At some point it simply is too much. Whether them being too unrealistic or me being too scientific isn't important.

    I stopped with Manga after Akira and Fist of the North Star.

    Why am I writing all this? Because this thread reads like people think all devs are Anime Lovers sleeping on Dakimakura.
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    > Why am I writing all this? Because this thread reads like people think all devs are Anime Lovers sleeping on Dakimakura.

    Haha, doesn't it! Thanks for balancing that out a little.

    Reminds me of a Scrum retrospective where we were asked "which superhero are you" and I replied "none, not really a fan of superheroes". The reaction: "Whaaat but you're a dev!" - genuine surprise we're not all the same.
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    @VaderNT Haha same.

    There are some trends, but no certainties. Devs consume more coffee than the average, but that doesn't mean there are no coffee hating devs — and it's the same for any other cliché metric.

    Marvel stuff feels very "wannabe nerd" to me. I don't want to upset hardcore fans, but I find it a bit bland, often hard to relate to.

    I prefer fantasy/scifi with some dialogue complexity, fresh tropes and at least vaguely believable social relations, something like Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who or Orphan Black — I can only enjoy overpowered heroes punching through skyscrapers if someone gets me seriously drunk.

    But I've noticed that Anime fans and their favorite series also vary wildly. Some seem to be seriously weeby, suggesting me series in which the protagonist keeps accidentally falling into girls crotches or something — while others seem to favor stuff with at least some realism and substance.
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    @bittersweet sure do they vary. Anime is just a medium to convey stories. Had you asked me five years ago, I'd probably have said "nah, I don't watch it, that's for kids". I would have sounded dumb, maybe like "I don't listen to music because child songs".

    I'm not sure about the coffee consumption. As far as I can tell, drinking coffee was an office job thing before software devs entered the stage.
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