Linux users are basically Happy Windows users with no friends 🙂
Change my mind.

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    "Happy Windows user"?!
    Are you serious....
    I threw a rage every time I have to install anything in Win
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    It does not matter how many times I read that sentence, I do not understand it.

    Seems like it is so much retarded that I wont bother
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    Uhm so what you're saying is, everyone using Linux does not have friends?

    And wtf does happy windows user even mean?
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    I just came here to meet other Linux users...
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    @olback Its like one of these things where we says "something that doesnt totally make sense and says change my mind", the expected responded is usually something as stupid like "Windows users are just unhappy mac users, change my mind" something like that.
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    Happy windows users do not exist. Some linux users do exists so they cannot be happy windows users.
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    I'm genuinely surprised how many people have nothing better to do but change someone's mind....

    srsly people. WTF's wrong with you?

    "change my mind" SCREAMS with "I am trolling you, just take the bait"
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