I just got a job as a "Web designer", but I've quickly learned that my job duties involve installing theme forest themes for clients and sticking to the template. I'm not allowed to write my own code. ever. uuuuuuuuggggghhhhhh

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    Get the fuck out of this shit man.
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    Well, that what webdesigners do. A webdeveloper thou..
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    One client told me that Wordpress was the industry standard.... which fucking industry is that?
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    Well, it is used by the majority so...
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    I had an internship like that in Java...

    Spent 2 weeks watching videos about the WYSIWYG tool they had and realizing I would not write a single line of code then I went straight to HR and got the fuck out of there, best decision ever.

    Only miss the free lunch and dessert 😂
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