Me: Making me work 17 hours without a 8 hour break is illegal.

Manager: You just sit at a damn desk all day and long shifts are required of IT

???????? Do you really think I just sit at my desk twaddling my thumbs?

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    Break things by mistake.
    Production things. but make sure you have emails with a trace for this....
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    17 hour shifts in canada? 😧
    that's more than two work days in one.
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    Maybe kill a fileshare or two, sign him out at random times, set him on a two-day password rollover plan, push a 15s idle auto-lock policy, limit bandwidth to 150kb/s
    I could go on
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    What the fuck?
    As @magicMirror said, if something bad happens - with possible legal consequences for the company - your manager will have problems to explain it.
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    do desk at my i just more then sit!!
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    "long shifts are required of IT" - says who? Oh, it's just you Mr. Manager. Well since you're not above the law, let me respectfully suggest you sodomize yourself with a retractable baton.
    I'm going home, see you tomorrow.
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    @ynnk order tagging great is
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    Time to go.
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    Just leave after 8 hours. What are they going to do? Fire you?
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    Definition of twaddle

     (Entry 1 of 2)

    1a: silly idle talk : DRIVEL

    b: something insignificant or worthless : NONSENSE
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    Thanks! Learned something new.

    But I thought the phrase as "twiddling my thumbs" not twaddling.

    Definition of twiddle (Entry 1 of 2)
    intransitive verb

    1: to play negligently with something : FIDDLE
    2: to turn or jounce lightly
    twiddles round and round in the water
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    @JustThat i know. Im playing on the idea of being 'worthless' by using it as a pun in the phrase.

    But you are correct!
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    If they need you so bad you need to stay 17h in a row, just don't come at work for a couple of days. No notice.

    He will eventually call you. When he does, just say that you're taking back you extra time. He will yell. You will hang up the phone.

    Next day at work, you tell him " *I* am the one making things happen here. *I* am not expendable. You are."
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    @react-guy You should have a blog with career advice, that was an excellent suggestion
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