■■■■■■■ please
■■■■ stop
■■■■■■■■■ using
■■ charts
■■■■■ to show
■■■■■■■ your skills
■■■■ in your
■■■■■■■ resume

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    But I'm a 9/10 in bar charts!
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    I swear, some complained that i didn't do that. And some said i shouldn't do that. It's about 50/50.

    So an application is about selling yourself. So it's important to point out the advantages of you. So what i did is using a range of 1-5 of tiny dots 2px infront of the skill to indicate my skills. Those should be noticed unconsciously while doing a quick scan of the page. Very subtle. A compromise on both opinions of doing that and not doing that.
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    @heyheni the people who do use/prefer it have not enough knowledge to make these diagrams. Those who don't use them know that no one can interpret these diagrams because it's all relative to what they think they know.

    During my internship we had to make a small web CV using these bars. I had 5 year experience with JavaScript my JavaScript bar was at 40%. The other interns who had a week or two JavaScript experience were at 70%
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    Who cares if you use or don't use these? Isn't it way more important to be able to back it up with practical examples?
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    @M1sf3t What if you develop an AI that goes to interviews instead of you?
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    I haven't had someone submit a resume with charts yet, but I have received some with full page headshots. This isn't a modeling agency, I don't need glamour shots for all my developers... Now after saying that aloud though I do have a plan to run by marketing
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    CV, what is that?

    I don't even respond to recruiters from companies which ask for a CV.

    Not an attempt to flex, I think this goes for pretty much everyone in tech, supply/demand is in YOUR favor, not theirs. Let the company send you THEIR resume.

    What problems are they working on? What are they paying? Do you get to try out some exotic new language or interesting infrastructure, or do they have spinach smoothies and a swimming pool?

    I hate smoothies & swimming.

    For me, it's important that they provide value to the world in an ethical way, that they're working on some cutting edge problems, and that I get to dive deep into tough problems without constant changing requirements/priorities.

    If I get a recruitment message from a company which interests me, I go there for a coffee. And if they're cool, I'm going to be such an insufferable nerd about everything they do, that it gives them a lot more insights into who I am than a simple sheet of paper with a list of skills.
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    @bittersweet tweakers elect user?
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    Keep it to the basic format. You think bots got time to sift through all that Markup? That shit going in the “REJECTED” pile instantly lmaoooo

    Though if it’s company specific and you have sources that tell you they like that sort of style, just fucking go for it and keep the fancy and basic format handy at all times.

    Stop listening to what the duck people have to say about what you think is the right way to do something. If you feel it’s right, you trust your gut, and you’re okay with accepting the reactions you will or won’t expect then the more power to you.

    But most importantly, ALWAYS TRUST YOUR GUT. That’s just your over analytical brain making sense of the situation and sending the result it feels is the best option to your stomach for whatever reason besides nervousness.
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    Even programming language skills should be avoided
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    What about developers?
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    Its my
    Stat bar for designers.
    Sorry bad joke
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    Bloody devs do it too...
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    Nice way to show a bit of relativity in their main strengths perhaps even if not an absolute measure?
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    It is totally wrong lol 😂
    Skills shall be expressed as :
    If yes :
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    The skills charts on resumes and portfolios scream junior to me. Self-described skill levels don't mean much, lots of delusional "experts" out there and without a standard scoring method, 6/10 is not grounded in anything. Some exposure to a software suite is important, so do list them, but tools are overrated imo, your end product is vastly more important than the tool you used.
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