Project Manager: Reckon we can get a demo/status update tomorrow?

*status update*
Project Manager: Alright great

Monday 1pm:
*basically a shit tonne of noise all morning, can't get anything done*
Project Manager: Reckon we can get a status update right now?
*status update*
Project Manager: Alright, reckon you can demo it on Friday?
Me: Uh...
Project Manager: Ok, let's aim for a demo anyway.
Research Lead: Great!

Org Lead: How is everything going?
Me: I don't like how Project Manager micromanages.
Org Lead: Ahhh, yes, but it was me that asked him to manage like this

Me internally:
What's 65 - 28? Oh yeh, 37 more years of this. Is there a way I can kill myself painlessly?

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    Kill your job, not yourself.
    Find something better.
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    That's not really micromanaging, that's just giving you a deadline for a demo. If it's unrealistic, just push back with a "Sorry boss, there's no way that's going to be feasible. Earliest time for a demo would be in a month."
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    @Root agreed
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    drugs overdose.
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    @AlmondSauce Yeh this is something they needed me to do a preliminary investigation on and confirm it was feasible. Asking for status updates every day seems a bit insane though when you consider a 4h delay since you last had one. Also, I leave the assignment in less than a month.
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    @netikras and cutting the venes at the leg
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    @stop still hurts
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    @netikras not with enough painkillers. The trick to enough to easy the pain an then to sleep in with the blood loss.
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    @stop one does not simply have lidocaine in their home first aid kit, and popping just enough painkillers to numb peripheral sensory neurons would either put you to sleep or fuck your coordination enough to scalp yourself while trying to clip your toenails.

    P.S. Administering lidocaine or any other local anesthetic would still hurt :) puncture
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    Switch job. My biggest career mistake was not switching job sooner.
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