Why can't Libre office have the same layout with Ms office... I'm sick of dual boot or vm 😔

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    Because libreoffice is not ms office?

    It's like complaining "why doesn't wmplayer has the same layouts as Clementine"...
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    You can enable a tabbed UI in the newer versions. Works well enough for me
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    @Jilano the netbook mode? Well layout is still bot the same as in ribbon, although a bit closer
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    Because Libre Office development is stuck in early 2000s and thus sucks. 🙁
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    For me, nothing beats Ms Office on its area.
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    @netikras I think they've renamed it in 6.3, but yeah
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    I just realized I’ve been using google docs for years. Haven’t touched an office suite at all in at least two years, longer if you don’t count outlook
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    I like the Libre Office UI. Never had problems with it.
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    Libre officle is a crapy software anyway. You are better of with VM
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    I understand your frustration. I used to work in corporation and had to use Office from time to time and even worse - been forced to use Outlook. Luckily I moved to different company where I can use e-mail client that can read and write e-mails and use user-friendly text editor.
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    Have a look at https://www.wps.com/office/linux. Not perfect but a lot better then libreoffice
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    A friend of mine uses libreoffice just because of that. He hates the ms office UI.
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