I love to work on my machine, and being it
my work-horse for school and side-projects, I have a neat dualboot of Windows 10 and (driver-related) Ubuntu Mate.

Ditched Mate because screen tearing, got Cinnamon, but I have to say, that W10 UI appeals a lot for me, so... what kind of Windows is this?

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    Can't say I choose my OS based on the UI, but no hate because you find it unusable...

    If it's something you want to fix, have you checked around online for configuration issues with the combination of that OS/UI and your hardware?
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    @ReturnVoid Maybe I didn't clarify myself. I use Ubuntu because that's the best driver support I can get for my wireless card. I love ArchLinux, and I'd prefer to use it, but I'd rather rage about coding instead of losing connection 😁.

    And about the UI, Cinnamon it's pretty neat, but the stock theme sets me off, and Windows 10 appearance it's something I like, I'd use some material design, but I'm getting sick of looking at it everywhere
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    @apex d'oh! Shows what I know... I didn't even realize Cinnamon was the UI...
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    Well, a matter of preferences. When I'm using Linux I'm glad I don't have to stare at the Windows UI anymore.
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