Hey game developers out there, I'm going to publish my own game for the first time on play store. Any idea how do I get users to play my game? What are some cheap and good tricks to advertise?

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    tell your friends to try it out, if they like it they'll recommend it to others I guess.
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    Make some cool trailers as you're making it and post them to build up hype.

    Of course if it's good, you'll get word of mouth, too.
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    Give away free copies. For example to youtubers or twitch streamers.
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    Post on DevRant
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    @WildOrangutan good idea ^^
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    @WildOrangutan the game is already free for everyone :/
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    - post about it on social media - fb, insta, reddit, etc. whatever you use
    - post on discord servers that allow it (for example, game dev league)
    - if u use WhatsApp, make it ur Whatsapp status (m not proud of using Whatsapp, but i don't have a choice 😅)
    - post some trailer or something on YouTube
    - do some first giveaways (like... first 1000 people get some exclusive/rare in-game item, when total downloads reach, say 20k, everyone gets a treasure chest or something)

    these are some ways i can think of to advertise, @WildOrangutan 's idea is also quite great!
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    firstly, forget about some original name, make the name out of relevant keywords with good traffic.

    or at least put those in the name like "OriginalName - a descriptive phrase made of two or three keywords"

    this might help in choosing the right ones:


    secondly, the usual, post info+link on all your social media, r/playmygame, r/mobilegames, blah blah blah.

    thirdly, implement into the game call to action for people to rate and review it, after they've played for a sensible amount of time. maybe even offer in-game reward for doing that.

    fourth, maybe think about implementimg "invite your google play friends to try!", again, with some in-game reward for doing so.

    that's regarding the free and easy options.

    free and more difficult: find some reviewing sites and youtubers to send it to, in hopes they'll be interested.

    not free: pay for some ads, if it's relevant.
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    The most important for any new product is advertisement, paid or non paid. SEO is a good free option, have a website and keep publishing updates, and a dedicated youtube channel... Ads in other's websites is a good paid one for example.

    All of this should be done early in development to ensure they will have a audience waiting for it. It's also often said that what you sell the first day of the release, is half the whole sale it will ever get. Since your project is a small one you should probably just keep doing small ones and posting about it in a blog, so you become known and when you make a important project you will have a big audience waiting for it.
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    Give em LSD laced lemon drops
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    @Plasticnova weed would do fine
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    @Midnigh-shcode Thanks! This was really helpful
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    @Electrux sounds great!!
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