All my dreams are becoming real! I was so nervous to ask, but it was worth it! I waited for the right moment, looked her in her eyes, she looked at mine.. And there I asked it: "are you willing to give it a try and install libreoffice instead of ms office?"

AND SHE SAID: "yes"!!!

Do I have the best wife or what!

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    I love this post. So wholesome.
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    You have problems that you bring from wok to your home.

    So now your problems from work and home will merge together.

    Good Luck.
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    Your mum is not your wife
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    *country-music starts playing*
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    @drac94 you have so much to learn..
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    @drac94 😂
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    She will grow to hate it and by proxy you
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    @netikras I like libreoffice, but it's still not office.
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    @Plasticnova Haha. As someone who had to use LibreOffice's spreadsheet app for a while, I can attest to this statement.

    Thank God for Gnumeric.
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    @Angry I write all my notes in toads blood
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    i'll b honest... never clicked on a rant so fast after reading the first line...
    you got me 😂😂😂😂😂

    but hey, congrats on the office thing too 😂😅
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    you might have the best, most self-sacrificial wife, but you've got the shittiest choice of document editing suite.

    i don't have ms office bought, but you still wouldn't be able to force me to use that ugly janky libreoffice piece of crap. even google docs is better. and as soon as i can start paying for ms office, i'm doing that and never looking back.
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    Well I've been using libre for what now.. 5? 7 years? It's easier on me than openoffice and I don't really have as much trouble as you guys do :) I don't recall requiring smth it could not do.
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    On todays topic: Top 10 clickbaits of devRant!
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    @netikras I don't feel that Libre Office is missing to many features compared to MS Office, but it is quite different.

    PS: I still want my sparklines, though!
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    This is an original rant, despite I prefer MS office.
    Good one
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    @electrineer Sweet home alabama ♪ ♫
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    Did she say YES or yes? Remember to use yesconverter when you process that.

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    @electrineer maybe his name is Randy and lives in wild West so that's understandable
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    @drac94 cause we like our privacy
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    For a moment I was happy for you thinking that your question might have been "suprise buttsecs?"
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    Marry her!

    Oh wait...
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