Which do you think designers are tired of hearing?

"Make the logo bigger"
"Looks great but can you make it pop"
"Can you make it pretty"
"Something is missing in the design but I'm not sure what is."

After 15 Revisions
"I think the first design you made was better."

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    My favourite:
    It's missing something, I dunno what, but it needs something more.
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    Sounds like something out of clientsfromhell
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    As a professional, no matter in which industry, you must not allow the client to tell you how to work.

    I know it's hard, especially in early years. But over time, you will get enough confidence to gently deny their requests (and tell them why).
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    "Can you make the logo pop?"

    is the design equivalent of

    "Can you play that passage with more intensity?"
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    I've read a smart thing to say the other day
    "it's the product we're testing not you"
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    I'm not designer, but one of the favorite I've heard goes like client complaining about white space (you know those empty areas in layout supposed to emphasize content'n'shit): "Why is it so empty? You have left places here and there where to put more text/images. I'm not paying for emptiness!".
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    @4160Tuesdays 😆 oh no! i'm gonna cry now
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    Aside from others, "Can you make it pretty" is a 100% legit. It's your JOB !
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    My favorite was "please change the text to xxxxx" even though the text is already xxxxx and the browser still has the same page cached for week. Or client isn't even looking.
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    Stop hearing. Impose your design. They'll love it eventually.
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