Interviewed a dude to join our grad program the other day and he had the choice to program our simple algorithm question in any language, he chose PHP, spent a long time coding it, like a psychopath

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    But did it work? :)
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    @alexbrooklyn not until hirevue restarted my laptop and then the code magically worked when I reconnected :)
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    Honestly Php is a super quick language to prototype in, the SPL has every type of function built in to manipulate arrays, strings, and objects.

    There was probably already a function in the SPL that implements said algorithm.
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    @hash-table fair, but he didn’t use that function, nor was he allowed to tbh
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    Then that is why it probably took him forever. Php devs usually don't have good knowledge of standard algorithms that the language does for us.
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    @hash-table yeah but from his experience and all he had claimed he knew python very well too, I would say that’s have been better for interviews
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