Literally dealing with a dev in a technology I know the most(and he barely knows), with him trying to give me orders because he wants to. We are pairs, but he has been more time in the project so "he's the leader", but he's acting like a boss. How to deal with that bullshit?

I think he feels attacked on his role

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    Don't do pairing.
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    @monkeyboy lol I wish I can

    I have to play friendly, though, because he's supposed to provide feedback over me. And although I dont love working for this company, it pays really well (yup, doing it for tye money, thats why I have another project for fun outside of my job)
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    @elvieeejo if this a money thing, I give 6 months tops, before you start searching for a new gig
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    perhaps you're right hehe
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    @electrineer It wasn't me!

    @elvieeejo If you depend on his feedback, you aren't equal, and he is sort of a mini-boss.

    What you can do is leaving a paper trail (emails with MoMs to your actual boss), and when things fuck up because he didn't listen to you, point out "told you so" to the boss AND the dev. Also via email, and referencing your email where you told them.

    That will either get you fired, in which case you wouldn't want to work there anyway, or the other dev will get a serious bruising.

    He may object to your emails, sensing what's going on, which you can shrug off with something like "if your decisions are good, why not owning up to them?"
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    @Fast-Nop I'm trying to resist (?) but the thing is that this sort of micro stupid stuff bothers me a lot, to the point I spend the entire day thinking about it
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