They are getting better..

Got a message on LinkedIn from a very beautiful recruiter lady asking me to have a coffee to discuss job possibilities.
She actually had a look at my skills.
- my native language is important
- Technologies and roles are a good fit
- she wrote that they also have an office here in Dublin (I mentioned in my profile that I’ll never take a job back home again)

„They also have a gaming room if you’re into that“..

The probably best message I’ve ever gotten from a recruiter.

If I wouldn’t really like my current job I’d definitely meet up with her..

Hypothetical question.. would it be okay to hit on a recruiter on LinkedIn although you’re not interested in the job?😍

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    Just ask if she can take you out on a drink to discuss the job.

    Hitting on her through the interwebs is not cool at all, it's done so much to recruiters.
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    Remember that the world is a small place. If it goes wrong, people talk, especially recruiters. Do not hit on people related to work :/ This kind of behavior also signals that you don't have other options in the dating department.
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    I was taking the piss in that last paragraph, thought that was obvious.🤷‍♂️
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    Difficult to say, in one way you would be kinda wasting her time (although I'm not sure how recruiters KPI's are measured), but on the other hand there is no real easy alternative. The internet is obviously not the best place to meet possible +1's.
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    Hypothetical situation- i'm the in lady and you're some dude I saw while browsing profiles and found appropriate to sell some company and earn my goddamn daily bread and butter.
    So what's your first line?
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    @4160Tuesdays "want some bread and Butter on your cheeks? 😏"
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    Dublin is expensive AF these days, I'm glad I moved away a few years ago. But if you can pay the rent—good for you!
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    Had someone hit me up like this... Called the company they claimed to work for, found out they dont actually work there and that they were trying to phish me. Nice try Aerospace Corporation fake employee!
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