So, some friends of mine are going to work on a horror game in Unity2019.

Does anybody have software recommendations for audio editing, shader development or such?

Any advice greatly appreciated.

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    For code you should definitly go git with a very explicit .gitignore and LFS for assets. If you go Unity2019 you should propably pick the LWRP and then you get to use the NodeShaderGraph which makes shader development very easy. Audio editing software depends on your budget, I'd recommend adobe audition from experience but I haven't worked with anything but that and audacity.
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    I use reaper for audio editing and it's cheap and fast and works super well for beginners
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    Yes, use godot and all of these will be built in
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    Godot + Blender + Audacity
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    @arcsector Was just about to preach the good word of Reaper
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    @EdoPhoenix But why audition or audacity, they are just audio editors, surely you would want a DAW, Reaper is such, and also licensed just like winrar that is with a neverending evaluation for free with a small nag screen at startup
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    @Mr-Myrk simply: it's the software I know. And I'm not an audioguy so you guys propably know better.
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    Thanks a lot for the advice. I'll keep up to date in the project!
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    @EdoPhoenix ShaderGraph supports HDRP as well now, so they should probably go for that.
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