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    So true ...
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    i recently learned how to rebase and also interactive rebase :)
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    Reminds me of a former developer who, after anytime TFS would hiccup, say "If we were using GIT, we wouldn't have that problem."

    One day our manger fed up his response to another TFS hiccup

    D: "How would GIT solve that error?"

    P: "It wouldn't. We would never have that problem to begin with."

    D: "How do you know? Replicate the scenario in GIT and lets see what happens."

    P: "Um...uh..well...um...I've never ..."

    D: "What! You said you've had experience in GIT"

    P: "I've installed it and know a few commands, but I've never dealt with a multi-version merge conflict exception"

    D: "So what you're telling me is GIT won't do shit for us?"


    "P" never spoke of GIT again (at least out loud in front of the mgr)
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    @PaperTrail that would be me. Hopefully I'd be able to answer the questions properly

    It takes time to get a good hang on git. I'd recommend to be patient and learn the commands because you get the proper understanding. GUI tools for git are good for kickstart but can't do much more basic, common scenarios.

    I've seen more people opt for GUI. I don't give a shit as it's up to them what they learn and use.
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    Git reset --hard master ... No
    Git clean -fd master ... No
    Git out of here XD
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    Man I don't know about TFS. But git is not bad. It takes time but ide do have a good interface for git.

    In intelliji I used to use everything via ui. Even vscode has most basic functionlites. Never needed to type any command. But when I was a beginner I used to use CLI, this was so that I could understand the concept.

    https://git-scm.com/book/en/v2 is good material. Git basics section should be good enough to get you started (I.e, if you want to start)

    A note about rebase. If you follow it from the beginning it is OK. But if it is done to master branch after a long development, it will be hell. But then again debasing is a matter of convention to allow straight histories.

    Best part is git blame, to know who wrote a part of code. This really helps to know who to ask for a particular chunk of code. And intelliji has a good interface for it.
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