Today I got pulled into a meeting with my 'boss'. Apparently the UX/CX person went and bitched to his bosses about the developers not following the UX/CX designs.

We missed two things. The font size for a 3 letter word was slightly off, and we missed a period at the end of some text.

I wish I was joking.

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    😂 and here I am telling my underling not to worry about using an incorrect font (not provided by designer) or the font sizing for that matter (its to big for purpose) for one spot.
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    What's cx?
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    @netikras A discipline filled with eccentric weirdos who need everything to be done down to the fucking pixel as not to compromise the customer experience
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    @netikras Also known as "customer experience" I'm guessing.
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    Cunt experience
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    I have a master degree in usability and could have done UX if I didn't decided to do frontend development instead.

    The first time I heard CX was yesterday. New buzzword.
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