Since new iPhones don't include headphone jack port, instead use single Lightening port.

All that I can find on the internet is headphone jack to lightening adapter, but I want THE OPPOSITE.
I want to use my lightening headphones on regular jack port.

Why is that very difficult to find?

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    Because why would anyone use headphones with a lightning connector when the old headphone jack is much more universal. Even Apple themselves still put a headphone jack on many devices.
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    Enlightenment port
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    Because bluetooth.
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    Digital (lighting) to analog (jack) is easier to convert. They are "active" converters and requires power to convert audio. So analog to digital most likely requires external power because power what audio jack provides is 100% analog audio. So it would be expensive to produce that converter that no one is interested to make them. I know some external audio cards has thunder output.
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    You're probably looking for something like Lightning to USB and not Lightning to Audio Jack since the Lightning headphones probably already include a DAC.

    Probably something like this: https://amzn.to/2HsB7Kk or https://amzn.to/2Qe8Cmh
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    Because it would be stupid to use a DAC to convert to an analog signal, then record said signal, just to convert it to analog again. It would also require a power source.
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