In a server, we are using mail client as Postfix...the mails are stuck in the mail queue and I have cleared mail queue using the "postsuper -d ALL deferred" but the mails are reappearing after the deletion of mails in a queue...
I have tried to restart the services..but it is still reappearing in a queue....

How to resolve the issue once and for all...

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    Read the docs, try stackoverflow, blogs.. This is not the right place for such queries
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    @netikras here all the tech are available so i just asked to learn from the tech person...Also, I have readed the articles and know how to stop the issue...butit reappearing again and again...
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    What do you mean with "a mail client as Postfix"? Postfix is a mail (more precisely SMTP) server.


    postsuper -D ALL deferred

    only delete deferred mails?
    To delete really all mails in a queue, shouldn't the command be

    postsuper -D ALL

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    I tried those commands to delete the deferred message...But it is again comes to the queue after some time..
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    Then you have done something wrong in the serverconfig.
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    As much as agree that this isn’t the right forum for help like this... I can’t say I wouldn’t do the same if I lost email sending ability for an unknown reason...

    You may be under attack, and the emails illegitimate... (dictionary attack)

    Your server may be blacklisted... https://mxtoolbox.com/blacklists.as...

    Start with the SMTP logs to see why the mails keep failing back to you.
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    Start by looking at /var/log/mail.log.
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