How are you handling junior/senior relationships, were you are the junior and have the feeling of being a burden on the senior?

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    Concret situation we both started this week and are just getting into the domain and I have the feeling of hindering the senior by not being able to adapt to the new environment as quickl. I am especially concerned about this relationship because we are most likely working on a PoC during the next PI.

    I have already approached the senior and got no specific response.

    I am very thankful for any suggestions and comments.
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    Completely unrelated: Is your name a reference to overlord?
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    @alexbrooklyn Yggdrasil comes from nordic mythology, it is the tree of life that supports all worlds (9?)

    It is a common thing to reference on the internet.
    Other popular media that contained that reference:
    10 000 other animes
    Marvel universe (Thor)
    Few games
    Few mods for games that want a fancy word for a item connected to life, growth
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    @Gregozor2121 ah alright, thanks for the info! Had no idea
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    @alexbrooklyn Im always happy to correct strangers on the internet with my useless trivia.
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    Just do your best (at least google stuff before you ask him), stay positive and don’t worry too much about what he thinks. Just because your colleague’s a senior doesn’t mean he’s also a coach.

    Even if you do hinder him; that’s normal in a junior / senior relationship. Perhaps he doesn’t want to give a specific reply because he feels like it’s kinda true but doesn’t want to make a big deal out of it because he knows that’s just how it goes. It’s normal because if you were just as quick, skilled and knowledgable on the subject you should’ve been a senior too ;)
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