Please, this is devRant. So stop reposting reddit/Twitter/9gag content here just to get ++s . PLEASE!

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    Yea and stop ranting about rants, which dont belong to devRant.
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    I am afraid that devRant will go mainstream like quora and Facebook, non devs will start to flock and ultimately ruin this amazing community.
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    @kshitij I have seen some tech support posts already. :'(
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    Thank you!!!
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    If people stop upvoting them then no one will post them. Obviously a lot of people enjoy them. Not really sure what to say.

    My single biggest devRant annoyance is when people make rants telling other people what they should and shouldn't post. If you don't like something downvote it and move on. Rants like these accomplish nothing.
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    Also, forgot to mention - our newest feature will be centered around longer rants that tell stories.
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    @dfox I am always suspicious about rants, which tell how to behave in devRant and are not posted by @dfox or @trogus. Acting like Interpol and stuff. Only the developers of devRant know how they imagined devRant to be and if we go too far into another direction, then I am sure that they will let us know.
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    I would certainly prefer more original content here, but not everyone hangs out on reddit/twitter/9gag, so what is old to some is new to others.

    We have some personalization in the algo sort which does collaborative filtering, so if you downvote posts like that, and others feel the same, you should see less and less of those (some will naturally slip through). So if you ever see a post that's not for you, please mark it as such, which will help the learning algo.
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