The Angular ng-WAT talk: https://youtu.be/M_Wp-2XA9ZU

Most hilarious dev talk I have ever watched! This guy shows the common frustration of reading confusing API docs with even more confusing terminology. Hahaa!

"You have a factory, which is a service and you have a service which is a service. Both have Providers.. and when you write a Factory.. as your service.. you actually write a Provider.. which returns a Factory.. which is basically.. a Service!". WAT

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    Well we do that all the time in backend.. At least with java. It's called "interfaces", "layers" and "provider pattern". Provider, ergo a factory, can easily implement service's interface and act transparently as a service. Don't see anything wrong here..

    But I like the frustration you have quoted
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    @netikras Well, when you want to add functionality to your project and the documentation starts mixing words that look like each other, it drives a person nuts. I get all insane if I hear the same word over and over, like he said: array, label for value in array, for group by group,.. WAT. This is the mental mapping junior devs like myself have a problem with. If you hear too many mixed concepts or too many times the same word, your brain won't know where things started or where they ended, your neurons misfire.
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    @CaptainRant I see. I agree with you, it is freaking confusing for juniors when there are liads of terms and you don't know which of them mean the same tging and which ones - different things. I've been there and recall the feeling very well. I still have it every now and then when I come across new tech, new frameworks, etc. Makes me feel dumb every time :/
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