The bloke that I share my office with is asleep on the job. Ffs, can I get any support around here?

This working remotely from home thing, just isn’t panning out

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    Time for cowoofing space.
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    Who could argue with that face? 😊
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    Maybe it's time for a break and a walk?
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    That is one cute woofer! And one nasty pile of woofer's hairs on the sofa.

    BTW I assume those tissues and a bottle of lotion are his too, right? Otherwise I'd assume there's a TV in front of the sofa
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    Clearly too boring tasks.
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    I'll bet he tries to steal your lunch too, and HR won't do a thing about it.
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    So cute man, I love dogs. They're lovely company and don't annoy you and spread love unconditionally.

    When I was working remote back on my country I left a chicken sandwich on the table and went down to grab a juice. When I back my dog ate it and was sleeping on the bed.
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    @netikras took me a long time to figure out what the hell you were talking about haha.

    That is a big box of retro sweets the gf got me for Valentine’s Day and a small metal thermos. It’s my emergence supply’s for gaming sessions on the PlayStation ha
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    @Charmesal he gets one every morning before work. Even has a raincoat so there’s no excuses
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    @practiseSafeHex that's so fucking cute. You can't stay mad at that face
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    @practiseSafeHex ofc it is! *wink* *wank*
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    I like the post but you've missed the "joke" tag.
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