Why so many people complain about this lack of a 3.5mm jack? It's 2016 and we still have that fossil of a tech from the early 20th century. A digital device with an analog input... I mean, come on! It's for the future.

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    Someone would probably like to charge even toilet paper if there was such an option...
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    I need a jack to use my credit card reader for clients
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    @g-m-f Finally, thank you!
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    @g-m-f I agree, but everything else in the phone is digital.
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    Well there is this thing. Sound is analog. And the data we have is digital.
    So we DO need a system that converts the digital magic into analog smoke to hear (Google DAC)
    Now whatever jackless technology it is. Ultimately you need a DAC in there.
    So why not put those inside mobile directly ?
    And just have the speakers out? (Saves me money if I have to buy a new headphone because I lost old or broke it then I can get shit sounding headphones that just does the job for like 1$).
    Jack is there to stay. Something old doesn't directly mean it is wrong.
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    @g-m-f please tell me if the last two sentence in rant made sense?
    Digital device with analog input?
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    I believe you are confusing corporate greed (in trying to increase revenue in proprietary hardware) with progress.
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    Analog audio still sounds better than digital. *hugs his tube preamp*
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    @DoctorDalek eh? Digital sound? Sound is ALWAYS analog.
    Its just how they are stored or recreated that differs
    You always hear analog sound. Always.
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    @rohitshetty that's just being pedantic
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