Zoom was dead before it even took grip.

Fml. Use jitsi or some other real stuff.

<deity>, I don't care, choose Skype, there we know that security is well established and it's watching workers are well payed (US Court case for proper work classification).

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    Skype business is not reliable for me. Our meetings are more stable on Microsoft Teams.
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    @iamai Skype and teams both use the same back end tho
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    @b4dev both Skype and Teams are owned by Microsoft but somehow I have an inkling that Microsoft just buys companies to kill them off slowly.
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    @iamai some might make an observation that Microsoft has sadistic tendencies. I the case of Skype, they are slowly torturing it, talking out pieces just for the fun of it. And they force it perform, this is sad game that Skype can never win. Furthermore they make Teams, a shiny front end for Office 365, just to pour salt on the wounds. Just show show Skype look you will be never be become "the collaboration tool". Lastly, Teams took over "echo123", Skype's voice testing service. The took everything from Skype and left her to rot!
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    Zoom is dangerous and should be avoided. https://thehackernews.com/2020/04/...
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    @b4dev Microsoft just has too much cash that they really don't need to invest time and people to innovate. They can just buy the company with the technology they want and legitimately rip it off. Just business.
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    All I see with Zoom is that it became really popular and fast so the security issues started cropping up. We have been using it for years in our standups and companywide meetings (30+ people on a single video call) and calls and it worked 20 times better than ANY video conferencing app we used previously.

    And these security issues are getting fixed as soon as they are found now and the company is being transparent so I still don't really want to switch because of this.

    It needs more security and policy changes but aside from that its the best conferencing app I've ever used, even with this current insane load, video doesn't hang, it works good even with bad internet.

    Skype has bad video conferencing, Cisco Webex is the worst experience ever, Google Meet might be good now, but didn't try it with many people and we don't use Teams. Those were my experiences with it.

    What I might suggest though is that you go through settings and not trust it's defaults implicitly. :)
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    @twped "To give credit where it's due, Zoom largely responded to these disclosures swiftly and transparently, and it has already patched a number of issues highlighted by the security community...

    The most important takeaway for regular users is simply to think carefully about their security and privacy needs for each call they make. Zoom's security is likely sufficient if it's just for casual conversations or to hold social events and organize lectures."

    The article takes no stance on whether you should use it or not. More so that people should make a decision based on their security needs
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    @b4dev afaik teams was built from scratch, skype for business was lync than rebranded, they enabled cross compatibility between teams and skype for business only after some time
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    @iSwimInTheC I tend to disagree. And I was not saying the article said you should avoid it. That is my own opinion.

    A product with so many issues and shady features that needs correcting I would stay away from.

    But please be my guest, its up to each individual to make their own decisions on whether to use it or not.
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    And then there are those free and simple, yet unpopular solutions.

    Y tho.

    Just host it yourself. No China or NSA servers there. Boom.
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    A little more to add https://inc.com/bill-murphy-jr/...

    And I will stop now.
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