Imagine a time when a colleague contributes a shitty spaghetti of non-optimized code that neither use mnemonic variables nor conventional naming of functions, and you can imagine the dark hours of maintaining it and your fingers itch to fix it but you don't have the time and the responsibility too to do it. He doesn't listen to you and you feel bad to tell this to the boss as the colleague is also a friend you've known since college and is a good person otherwise. No options seems to give peace.

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    There are some hints that I may be your collague, but I am not working at anywhere 🤔
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    @melezorus34 you're everybody's colleague in a sense
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    In the end, it becomes your responsibility. Saw something, say something. Or better saying. Saw some shitty code, improve it even though it’s not your responsibility. That code might come back to you when production environment stops working
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    @horse Exactly mate. it's the sad fact behind this thing. Saw something shitty, now it's your responsibility.
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    If he's not going to better himself, knowing he's causing you, a friend, trouble, is he even a friend? Or a good coworker?

    I spend much of my time cleaning up the mess some old Carl Coder left behind and I gotta tell you: snuff that shit out before it spreads.
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    I see poor code in production done by others already resigned and sigh now for the day it breaks hoping I'm long gone as well. I actually had a chance to fix one of them, and it was a nightmare reading through nested levels of if statements without comments to guide you through. I'm just glad that was over.
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    Why not drop comments on their PR?
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