If all programming languages but one got deprecated, that one should be Rust. Honestly, whoever designed it is a fucking genius.

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    I thought it wasn’t a real programming language?
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    I take it you havent used rust in a professional setting with a real world project.
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    @yellow-dog we wanted to cause all the hype but then one of our guys said it takes ages to write shit so we might as well have gone back to fucking C...so we didnt use it
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    @molaram it takes longer to write something in Rust than in C, yes.

    But in C you'll be testing your application for the next month because *insert reason here*

    You forgot to free something.
    You forgot not to free something.
    You used an invalid pointer.
    Undefined behaviour causes weird behaviour on another machine.
    A datarace occurs 1 in 100,000 times.
    An include has gone wrong, but it only worked by accident.

    I can continue, but it's best to read up on it yourself.

    Also, Rust has async/await now, which is really cool!
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    @Geoxion yea i'm afraid I'm the kind of person who don't wanna deal with ANY of that shit at all, ever.
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    @molaram Still developing in Rust is quicker that coding AND debugging in C. After all, Rust programs don't need almost any debugging at all if written properly because of its features.
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    @aggelalex yea but there's a metric fuck ton of C devs out there and few rust devs, and they're also more expensive because why not.
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    I think I would prefer one rust developer over a fuck ton C programmers 😅
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    @meros I would prefer a corona right now. fuck the lime, it's for pussies.
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    You mean the guy who is now making swift ?
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    Maybe you meant HTML
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    @aggelalex yeah, based on your comments, you havent really worked with rust.
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    People can make a big hype out of some shit like brainfuck if google or amazon will publish some shitty article how it’s the best language and they use it on 745844584 systems.
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    @molaram I'm talking it of m my personal experiences with the language. I tried it, I tested it, I liked it.
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    I found it mediocre and overly restricted like a nuns dry cunt.

    In fact it is so bad *D* is a better Rust than rust is
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