What website do you download your wallpapers from?

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    I have to use a 50% neutral grey background so that my eyes get adjusted for doing color sensitive photo editing. No fancy backgrounds for me 😭

    However I get my royalty free stock pictures from
    https://www.unsplash.com and
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    I take them myself.
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    Obviously, they don't have very good quality since I only use my phone. I'm planning to invest on a real camera, do some underwater shoots, and actually learn to take good photos.
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    Either a solid #000
    or wallhaven
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    I usually get links for cool ones from r/unixporn and just Google it whenever I want a new one
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    @Stuxnet likes to pretend he's running Arch sexiness from the relative safety of his windows desktop 😉
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    @Root Im just there to try and figure out how the flying fuck you ppl can configure them like that whenever I can't even make polybar work lmfao
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    duck,duck 🤷‍♂️
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    @rutee07 that looks like the background I have on my gmail account 😅
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    @rutee07 Looks good to me! I would love to see some underwater shots, though

    @Stuxnet No worries, one day you'll go to the other side :D

    @M1sf3t Check on the bottom right of the picture. Might be a little "Lutee Inc." watermark.
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    Not a pro designer, but
    1. sometimes do fetch from Google image search
    2. Use Canva with free templates to customise own photo
    3. Last one to use gimp for creating custom photos , or like using content or keywords for the same...
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    I thought real devs only use #000-#222
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    Just black #000
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    @M1sf3t @Jilano I can take some for you when this whole pandemic is over. I have no use for them at the moment. It's mostly beaches though.
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    I never see my wallpaper
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    elementary OS's default wallpapers are fine.
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    I keep default background on all devices / os

    Sue me lol
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